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I think a lot about my time in Florida. It was only about 13 months long. One day it will feel Just like one long deep breath.  My feelings for Florida drift from hatred, to love, to a sort of strange peacefulness. I remember when we decided we would move there. Everyone had something to say about it. Of course, my family didn’t want us to go. Customers at work only told me the negative experiences they had, so naturally I would have one too. There were some people who were supportive despite their feelings, and some people who didn’t know me at all who were trying to have a say in this decision. The whole thing was complicated so when someone asked why we were moving there I gave them about a thousand different answers, depending on which one I felt was more like the reason that day. But when I simplify it all into one, the answer is that it was a part of our journey that had to be done whether we wanted to do it or not.

Looking back (which Micah and I do all the time), I can tell you that our time in Florida was a dark time. But I have always been a firm believer in going through the valley and the storm to get to the mountain top. Now I can see a bigger part of the picture so now I understand so many things about what we went through. I think God had it planned all along for us to move to Texas. I think He knew I wouldn’t want to go if I wasn’t desperate. Now, I am thankful for Florida because I know that it allowed our move to Texas to be a sweet one. There are a lot of reasons that I am thankful for Florida, and I know that in due time it will all be revealed.


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