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Often times in my life I have wondered why there is absolutely no time when anyone sees my point of view, and I have finally figured it out. See, I am not a “black and white” type of person. I believe every situation has a grey area in which no side is either all right or all wrong. When I look at a situation like what is happening with Josh Duggar in the news, I see many different sides to it. I do not believe it is right to use this situation as a catalyst for “why everyone should hate the Duggars”, which most “Duggar haters” are doing. Nor do I believe we should pretend that what he did was right. In fact, this isn’t a moral issue at all. It isn’t about the way the Duggars live their lives as conservative, over-the-top Christians who follow some pretty intense “cult-like” teachings. It isn’t about whether Josh has truly repented or will ever do it again. It isn’t about whether the Duggar parents handled the situation correctly or the way they raised their children. Why not? because it truly truly isn’t any of our business. It is not our right to decide whether someone has repented, been forgiven, or has been living a life full of mistakes. Nor should we be the ones to decide whether someone else should choose to wear long skirts, have 19 children, or home-school.
The conversation that should be happening because of all this is how we should be talking to our kids about sex, what to do if they have been improperly touched, and how we should be open and honest with our children when they ask us questions (age appropriate of course). Let’s drop the judgement for a second and use this as an opportunity to start having important conversations. 
Some good resources to help you talk to your children:

Read and research for yourselves, but let this be an eye-opening experience for you that instead of shaming consensual sex between adults or avoiding the conversations surrounding sex, we need to be open and honest with our children. Encourage your children to come to you when they have questions or are curious about something and always be honest, even if that means you tell them you need to gather your thoughts and will talk later that day. Let’s turn this gossip into something useful instead of using it to promote our own “Duggar hating” agendas.


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