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The other day I had someone ask me that question you dread to be asked when you have worked in customer service for so long. I was asked if I was “in school” and what I was planning on doing for my “career”. What I wanted to say was “just because I look young and work in customer service doesn’t mean I’m in school, and it doesn’t mean I am using this job as a stepping stone to get me to the ‘career’ I really want to have”.

All I want to be is someone who is constantly loving, forgiving, and learning.

Must I really be aspiring to be a career woman to have value in this society?

Why must we smack a label on ourselves and others?

Can’t I just be ME?!


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 Have you ever seen the movie anger management? If you haven’t I suggest you do. Just in case, here’s a little snippet of the movie that poses a very important question.
As a brief background, Adam Sandler plays a character named Dave. The plot takes us to a place in the movie where Dave is put in anger management. He goes to his first meeting and Dr. Buddy, Jack Nicholson, is the instructor. Buddy starts the group by asking Dave this question,
Maybe you don’t even realize it, but maybe the perception you have of yourself is a similar one. It’s natural to use something exciting, life-changing, or even a daily routine we have in life to shape who we are. Many experiences, good and bad, have shaped who I am today. My job shapes who I am today. The people around me have shaped who I am today. My life decisions have shaped who I am today. But is it who I am?
I will admit, I was a little annoyed at this scene the first time I watched the movie. I thought that surely, Dave was answering correctly and Buddy was just pushing his buttons. Maybe Buddy was pushing Dave a little, but for good reason. If you have never really sat down and asked yourself this question, I think your natural response would be something like Dave’s. “I am a teacher, a mechanic, a mom, a husband, a good person, I like to ride my bike, I collect clocks, etc…” But Buddy is on to something here. It is worth the time it takes to quiet your mind and re-evaluate the perception you have of who you are.
How would you answer this question?

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