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When I was younger, I used to say to myself that I would make no decision that I would later regret. I was always very careful when doing anything because, God forbid, I make some kind of mistake.  

The thing about regret is that sometimes it can sneak its way into your life no matter how hard you try to keep it out. It can be difficult to keep the “what ifs” out of your mind when you start reflecting back on the choices you have made in life and where you ended up as a result.
My dad recently said something to me that struck a chord.  He said, “There is no point in feeling regret because you know that you made the choices you made with the most knowledge you had and the most time you needed to make them”.
There is a lot of truth to his statement. Looking back, my choices were thoughtful and made with great care using all the knowledge I had in front of me at the time. There is no way to know the future. We will make mistakes. We will, unintentionally, hurt other people in the process. It is because of these things that we start to feel sorry, feel regret, or even start to feel a new kind of grief. The wounds can start to feel fresh again.
So we have yet another choice; we can choose to learn, to grow and to humble ourselves in front of those we’ve hurt.
From our mistakes sprout growth, from our pain sprouts grace, from our humility sprouts forgiveness.



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Have you ever received one of these? If you have it was most likely done without ever knowing the name of the person giving it away. You might have seen it on top of the toilet paper roll in a public restroom, next to or in place of a tip at a restaurant, lying around on a floor somewhere, or mixed in with that delicious candy from Halloween. Most tracts use fear as a tactic, some of them are clever and none of them are appropriate. They are most likely passed around with good intentions because in the Christian faith we find hope for the hopeless, love for those who have never experienced it before, and sacrifice so strong that it is capable of turning your entire life around.

How many tracts inspired a non-believer? I couldn’t tell you. What I can tell you is the message that is really getting across with a tract. This message is that you aren’t as happy or good enough in your life right now as the person who has a wallet full of these. It is that people who believe in God are tactless and hypocritical. It is that Christianity is full of judgement and punishment. It is that the Christian doesn’t have the time to sit down with you and have a real conversation, nor would you want them to because with the looks of it all they will be thinking about how to better tell you about the “A-B-C’s” of Christianity or how you can “be saved” from hell.

If you have a stack of these somewhere that you are planning on giving out, I’m going to let you in on a secret. These are as effective as a used up piece of gum stuck to the sidewalk, except that the gum actually served a real purpose at one time. You aren’t doing any good by leaving these around for some stranger to find, all you are doing is making yourself feel good.

You are not provoking thought. You are perpetuating the common perception that Christians are a bunch of jerks who don’t really care about anybody but themselves.

True evangelism is genuine. It is an honest and very real relationship with somebody. It lacks judgement and humbly admits our own lacking. It takes time. It takes prayer. It takes Spirit provoked conversations. True evangelism will never really tell you the kind of difference you are making. It is serving and self-denying. It pours every ounce of you into someone else. True evangelism is no secret. Jesus did every one of these things when He was on this earth. The closest thing he did to leaving a tract behind was writing in the sand, and nobody really knows what it was that He wrote.

If you want to make a true difference in this world or get a true positive message across then buy someone a meal, watch their kids for nothing in return, use the gifts you have to give. If you don’t then you may as well go get a stick and start drawing in the dirt because that is much more productive.


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Today I am thankful for my outlet. I am letting the day wash off me as I forgive. I move on because that is all we can do in life.

Today I forgive the transgressions against me so my heart does not harden. Today I choose to be happy, to not let other’s opinions of me seep into my being, to let go of betrayal. On our knees is where we find forgiveness, and today I choose to fall on my knees in humility. I accept that there are misjudged notions and I look away. I do not give power to the dark side because I am a vessel and I let the light shine through me.

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