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When I was younger, I used to say to myself that I would make no decision that I would later regret. I was always very careful when doing anything because, God forbid, I make some kind of mistake.  

The thing about regret is that sometimes it can sneak its way into your life no matter how hard you try to keep it out. It can be difficult to keep the “what ifs” out of your mind when you start reflecting back on the choices you have made in life and where you ended up as a result.
My dad recently said something to me that struck a chord.  He said, “There is no point in feeling regret because you know that you made the choices you made with the most knowledge you had and the most time you needed to make them”.
There is a lot of truth to his statement. Looking back, my choices were thoughtful and made with great care using all the knowledge I had in front of me at the time. There is no way to know the future. We will make mistakes. We will, unintentionally, hurt other people in the process. It is because of these things that we start to feel sorry, feel regret, or even start to feel a new kind of grief. The wounds can start to feel fresh again.
So we have yet another choice; we can choose to learn, to grow and to humble ourselves in front of those we’ve hurt.
From our mistakes sprout growth, from our pain sprouts grace, from our humility sprouts forgiveness.



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The last two months anyone who knows me would have said I’ve been in nothing less than a foul mood. There have been some unintentional slips of hurting people’s feelings, speaking before thinking, and a generally negative attitude overall. Cynicism has been my best friend. I hate being this way. I know that I’ve been put on this earth to do much more than whine and complain about trivial circumstances, but it’s like I’ve been trapped in this pit 20 feet deep. Dark. Murky. Cold. And that’s where my heart has been.

Despite the reasons that this may have occurred, anything I say would just seem like an excuse. Because it would be. There isn’t a reason in this world that I should spend two months sulking around, hope is all around me. Blessings are overflowing in my life.

It’s times like these where I’ve just come out of a place like that that I am ever so glad grace exists. Not only do I experience grace from my perfect creator, but I experience it from everyone around me. Sure, they have been sick of my attitude and have gotten frustrated with me, but as I am now it’s like nothing’s changed. No one is angry or disappointed in me, and they should be because I am.

It just so happens that this month at church we are going through a “restorers” series. Let me share this prayer with you that has seemed to be just what I need to say every day.
“God, give me the courage to engage brokenness. When I doubt your power, make it known to me. When I am prone to judge and condemn others, remind me of my own story. When I am too busy and distracted to see the opportunities you have provided, convict me. When it feels uncomfortable, difficult, or hopeless, help me to overcome my excuses. Make me into the kind of restorer you created me to be.”

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