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When I tell people that I’m a “mostly stay-at-home mom” and “I only work weekends because that’s when my husband is home but I would like to stop doing that when possible” they say, “good for you” and “being a mom is the most important job in the world”. And while I agree that the way a parent raises a child is the most important thing for the child and for the future generation, something inside me boils when I hear words like that. (I am not even going to go into how condescending that sounds or how that is so degrading to everyone else who has a job.) I don’t know if anyone stops and thinks about how hard it is for a mother to go back to work. Even a woman who loves her career has to be courageous to leave her child in another’s hands. And for a breastfeeding mother like me? Now we are talking about the sacrifice a woman makes in order to continue to breastfeed her child. What about the single mother? It is almost as if people go out of their way to applaud the “traditional” stay-at-home mom. We’re women, not puppies.

Someone recently said to me that she believed all women were meant to stay at home to raise her children and that it was the best thing for the family. Well, that’s all good and dandy but what about providing food, shelter and other basic needs that happen to cost a lot of money? What about putting money in savings for your child’s future? The decision to go back to work is a heavy one. Deciding to leave your little one/s so that you can provide for them in a different way is just as important as the decision to stay at home with them. Sometimes there really isn’t a choice in the matter. I’m not saying that one way is better than the other; I am simply saying let’s commend the mothers who choose to do what she believes is BEST for her family. Let’s commend all mothers who make sacrifices in order for her children to be happy, healthy and successful individuals.

Has anyone ever said that to you and if so how did it make you feel?


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The other day I had someone ask me that question you dread to be asked when you have worked in customer service for so long. I was asked if I was “in school” and what I was planning on doing for my “career”. What I wanted to say was “just because I look young and work in customer service doesn’t mean I’m in school, and it doesn’t mean I am using this job as a stepping stone to get me to the ‘career’ I really want to have”.

All I want to be is someone who is constantly loving, forgiving, and learning.

Must I really be aspiring to be a career woman to have value in this society?

Why must we smack a label on ourselves and others?

Can’t I just be ME?!

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