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Thank you, for reminding me of the kind of parent I don’t want to be. If you don’t remember how it went down, let me refresh your memory.

Your children run into the park dressed in fancy little Etsy clothes that I know cost about an arm and a leg each and they start playing. My child looks at all the excitement and wants to join in. I watch from where I stand. My child follows your kids into the little coop (where I have lost sight for about 10 seconds) and comes back out when I hear him growling. That, I know, is a sign that something has just happened that he doesn’t know how to deal with. So I make my way over to him calling his name. You both now enter the park and start walking towards your children as I am approaching and calling for my son. At this time, you decide it would be appropriate to stop and interrupt me.
“Um your kid is hitting
To which, in disbelief, I stare blankly back at you because 1 unless you have superman’s ability to see through walls (and I’m pretty sure you don’t), neither of us actually saw my son touch your children and 2 I didn’t see nor hear your children come to you about this so I’m trying to figure out how you knew he was “hitting”.  (must be that sharp mama paranoia…I mean instincts). So I respond the only way I know how, “ok” and I keep walking towards my son. Well, I try to keep walking but you stop me AGAIN to say,
“its just that if it was my kid I would want to know”.
my response is the same….. “ok”.
And I keep walking. Except now your friend decides to interrupt me this time and says in a lovely condescending tone,
its okaaaaaay we’ve all been there”.
I decide not to change my response since I can be kind of unpredictable in these situations and I simply say “OK” and I proceed to my child to talk about what just happened, except by now it would be what happened 5 minutes ago.
flip you off 2 2
Here’s the thing. We are both parents, right? I mean I would assume we are. You could be a highly involved baby sitter or a nanny, but I’m assuming you’re the parent. So I am just wondering what makes you think the best way to handle this situation is to essentially tattle on my child like you are the 3 year old. Obviously, your observation skills are lack luster because I’m hoping you didn’t really just interrupt me being a parent to tell me to go be a parent. But since your children didn’t say to my child, “please stop. I dont like that” and because they didn’t say to you “that kid just hit me”, and instead they just continued ignoring him like they were already doing I would have hoped to see you being a parent too. Why not walk over to your children to ask them what happened? Why not explain to them that when someone does something to you that you don’t like or something that hurts you or they touch you inappropriately that you should say to them “HEY please stop, I don’t like that!” Then if they don’t stop then they need to walk away and/or find mom or dad so they can help you. And maybe, just maybe it would be nice if you could talk to your child about why this other kid might be acting that way (though hitting, like actually hitting isn’t the right response). “Hey, child, that kid asked to play with you and you guys just ignored him like assholes. It’s ok to play with other kids when you are at the park *gasp* and it is ok to try to resolve your problems on your own first.”
But you know what, I think it’ll be better for them when they are all grown up working at their job and someone does something that upsets them and they ask you to get on a plane and fly 5 hours all the way to where they work so you can tell the boss someone wasn’t nice to them. That’ll go over real well.
You kept pretty good track of my son after that (you know, because I was over in the parking lot trying to turn a trick) so naturally your precious little angel took his arm out and smacked my kid’s back.
I watched as you yelled in response, “we don’t hit, now sit down!” Cue your child getting up right away to play. You parent your children and I’ll parent mine.
 I guess I could have always said,
Excuse me, um, your kid is hitting.
I mean, you would want to know, right?

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