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Ezra’s birth. November 22, 2015

Yesterday at 40 weeks and 3 days …i started having regular moderate contractions at about 3pm. they were 6-10 minutes apart until i went to bed at 1130, there were a few times the contractions had an 18 minute gap and nothing was very strong so i went to bed thinking it’s probably not going to be the time. However, when Micah put Eli to sleep last night Eli said “uh go to sleep then see baby ezra come out?”. At 2:30 AM (on the day of 40 weeks and 4 days) I woke up needing to use the bathroom and had a decently strong contraction. I tried going back to sleep but almost immediately had to use the restroom again. I had a stronger contraction. then shortly after I had another strong contraction. They had been the strongest yet and I didn’t really know how to handle them so I turned the shower on and decided to wake up Micah so he could help me time. For 30 minutes we times contractions 3 minutes apart and my gut was telling me to call everybody, even though the rule was call when they are 4 minutes apart and last for a minute for a whole hour! My friend who was coming to watch Eli and my birth photographer both said they were leaving right away. My midwife said because I seemed so calm she wanted me to progress more and we scheduled to meet the birth center at about 4:30 or 5. I hung up the phone with her and had the worst contraction yet and all of a sudden I needed to throw up. I barely made it to the sink and vomited during a contraction and started extreme shaking. Again, my gut was telling me things were gonna happen fast and this seemed like transition! Then my contractions started coming every minute so i texted my midwife and she said “leave now!” It was a mad rush and Micah and I were frantically yelling orders around trying to gather everything up. Courtney (my friend) still wasn’t here and I said “that’s it we need to just bring Eli with us, I feel like I have to push!” I wasn’t even sure I should get in the car at all! I really thought everyone would have to meet me at my house. But just then Courtney arrived and I was not able to talk through the contractions. Micah told her to leave with eli and we headed to our car. Sure enough, it was the very first morning we had a frost and micah needed to scrape the windows! I yelled for him to forget it but he scraped it with his hands and headed out. We weren’t even out of our sub-division when I started to yell “I’m pushing and I can’t stop. God please get us there please get us there!” Micah refused to run through the lights (i was SO mad) and I screamed through the contraction that if he didn’t run through the lights and speed this baby was coming in the car. About every 30 seconds or so I was having a contraction where I couldn’t NOT push. Then before we even turned on a different road my water broke. My screams and moans kept getting louder and longer and it took everything in me to NOT have this baby in the car. I kept praying for the lights to turn green and for us to make it. At some point I yelled out that this baby’s head was crowning. I just knew he was crowning. Then as we were on the road (about 3 min away) to the birth center a cop flicks on his lights…we were the only people on the road! I screamed that there was no way micah could pull over (he was going about 20 over) and by a miracle the cop was separated by a large median and couldn’t get to us. It wasn’t long before we were at the birth center but the door was locked. Just as we were about to call the midwife she opened the door and told us to drive around to the back. I looked at her like “are you freaking kidding me there is no way” So she lets us come in the front and I can barely make it to the room. She kept saying “we are almost at the room” but it felt miles away.
the tub was too hot so I got on the bed and she “checked” me only to see that the head was right there. Micah actually saw his head. 10 minutes later, after feeling “the ring of fire” (holy shit it was bad) baby Ezra was born at 4:20 am! It happened so fast Micah couldn’t catch him. He said he was there but Ezra just shot right out. It felt like such relief. he got laid on my chest and started crying. it was the most beautiful moment I can remember. Soon after his cord stopped pulsing and Micah cut it and the placenta was easily delivered. He was 8 pounds even, 21 and a half inches long, 13 and a quarter circumference for his head. Literally from the start of labor at 2:20 until he was born at 4:20 it was a 2 hour labor! We were at the birth center for a good 10 minutes before he was born. Super fast and super unexpected!
Eli and Courtney came in and Eli was in awe to see his little brother. he kept stroking his head and arm and giving gentle kisses and hugs. He gave him his present. He kept talking about how excited he was. Ezra latched so easily and sucked hard. No breast feeding issues at all. The after care was amazing. My midwife and nurse were absolutely incredible. After being checked my midwife decided that even though I tore just slightly she would let me heal on my own. There were no invasive procedures, no medicine. And once again all the things I brought for labor just sat in the bag- everything happened too fast! I got to bathe soon after which felt amazing and we brought ezra in. Then after we decided maybe Eli should go back home and try to sleep he comes bouncing in the room saying goodbye to everyone. Apparently he was happy to go back home with Courtney, there were no attachment issues at all. Looking back this was not only the birth I dreamed of (despite the fear of delivering in the car) but it was a healing birth. Our nurse happened to be the same nurse that was with us for Eli’s birth even though it was a different birth center. I wanted her to be our nurse again so badly and she rarely uses this birth center so it was a miracle to me! We spent a lot of time reminiscing with our nurse about Eli’s birth and all the PTSD I had from that birth felt like it had been restored with this birth. Everyone checked out OK and 5 hours later we were home!

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