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I admire those people who don’t have a Facebook account and I envy the folks that hardly log in to it. I can’t do that. It seems that every year one of my goals is to “share less on Facebook” or “be on Facebook less often”. I struggle with this for a few reasons. Number one is that it is tough for my business. Every one uses Facebook, despite the fact that every one seems to hate it (sound like McDonalds to anyone else?).  However 99% of my business comes through it, even referrals. Seems like people care less about looking at a website and more about looking at your business Facebook page. Number two is I live far from all my family and close friends. Number three is an extension on number two, I’m lonely.

I remember the day I discovered Facebook existed. Like always, I was behind on the social times. My roommate and close friend told me about it and helped me sign up (this was in 2007). I remember seeing the grey italicized question that was standard in the status bar, “how are you feeling?” which now says, “what’s on your mind?”. Enticing, isn’t it. We all long to be asked these questions, we all want to feel cared about. Putting these answers “out there” can feel so instantly rewarding, even if we aren’t sure who is exactly listening. It can become addicting, checking your notifications- hitting the “refresh” button over and over again. These are the loneliest of days.

I have noticed recently some statuses my friends have been posting. Multiple Statuses that mention the recent football games, posting every time a new move is made. Statuses that talk about how proud they are of something they just accomplished, Statuses that talk about how frustrated they are with something in their life. True emotion being limited to what you can type without looking like you are desperate, all wrapped up with one or two variations of sad face emoticons. The problem with Facebook? It isn’t your friend. Sure, people respond. Sometimes they really do care. Sometimes people whole-heartedly agree with your feelings. But more often than not I see a bunch of people, who know each other in real life, commenting back and forth on one another’s feeds about things like sports games or what they made for dinner, how they felt about an article they read or what their child recently did that was cute. And how I wish, oh how I desperately wish, that instead of seeing a Facebook status, I could instead be in your living room eating your dinner or experiencing a game with you or having a deep discussion or experiencing whatever it is that your child did that was so cute!

Facebook isn’t my friend, but you could be.



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