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How you get there determines where you arrive and what you arrive as. -Richard Rohr

Integrity means everything. If you push and shove your way through life acting without integrity you will look back at who you used to be and wonder how you changed so drastically, so negatively, and why you are so unhappy. And when you are unhappy within yourself, you are unhappy with your environment. If you are frustrated with something inside of yourself, naturally you will dislike your surroundings. You might have physically ended up where you wanted to go, let’s say you got the job position you wanted, but that won’t make a difference. It will have changed because you have changed. Each decision we make in life determines our fate. One act of selfishness might not be so drastic but each act piled up on each other will make life look completely different. So start today. Do what is right not because it will affect you, but do it because it is right. Do what is right when nobody else is. These moments are so irreplaceable and so unchangeable once they have passed. Make them count.


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When you throw yourself a pity party, your only enemy is yourself. When you play the victim, your only predator is you. You are within reach to help yourself. Stop making excuses and stop being afraid of true healing. You are your only limitation; you are the only person in the way.

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I’ve been in denial my entire life about this but it’s becoming more and more clear that I have this fear of being successful. I always stay low key in my job, I bounce from hobby to hobby, once I start making real strides in something I abandon it, I never chose a direction in school, i stayed away from getting involved with school and church, and generally i tend to shy away from the amazing opportunities that come my way. Could this fear stem from a deeper root? Could this be a deeper fear of failing? Without fully admitting it to myself this year I have been focused on trying to accept opportunities as they come by me, but I find this difficult most times. In fact, if it wasn’t for others pushing me to go forward with something, I would never move. So how can I go about getting out of this rut. What causes this intense fear of being successful. Has anyone else discovered this fear in themselves? If you have I’d like to hear your thoughts and what you did, if anything, to change it.

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